Are Barndominiums the New Livable House?

gambrel style barndominium

The thought of living in a barn might not seem all that appealing at first, but we’ve become obsessed with this latest trend of barndominium homes!

What is a Barndominium?

Here’s the thing. It’s not the old stinky rat and cat-filled barns you may be thinking of. These homes are comprised of a new steel barn building for the frame. You can then customize the interior however you’d like.

Why Choose a Barndo House?

These barn homes are really the best of all worlds since by using a steel building you get:

    1. A prefabricated building that’s manufactured, cut and drilled off-site.
    2. Easier construction thanks to everything being made ahead of time.
    3. Simpler planning approvals due to the factory engineering of these barndominiums.
    4. The durability of a steel outside that’s pre-painted.
    5. Engineered and designed for your specific needs.
    6. Tons of accessories and customization options.
    7. Highly energy efficient buildings due to the ease of insulation and the option for white painted roofs.
    8. Easy installation of solar panels.
    9. And much, much more.


While you could choose a quonset hut building for your barndominium, it’s ridges and arch-shape lead to complications at times when it comes to finishing the interior walls. Because of that, it’s more common to see straight-walled steel buildings used (also referred to as i-beam or rigid frame buildings).

Who’s it for?

While anyone could choose a barndominium, one situation that you’ll find these buildings absolutely ideal for is building in more remote areas. Because the entire structure is pre-manufactured, you get a kit dropped off at your build site that has all the beams, bolts and sheeting you’ll need. When a quick trip to the hardware store can be hours away, this is a huge time-saver.

gambrel style barndominium

When it comes to interior customization, the options are limited only by your imagination. The strength of steel beams allows for much larger clear-span areas. This typically means that the interior of your home is wide open without any need for structural columns or walls.

What about the interior finishings?

Barndominium providers do not generally customize the interior space, instead, leaving you or your contractor to do so. The fact you don’t need to worry about structural interior details however makes the process simple and you can go as open-concept as you’d like.

If you’re looking for a barndominium home building, we recommend you go check out price buildings and request a quote, or research to learn more.