Medical Guardian


Award-Winning Medical Emergency Alert System

One of the most important aspects of a Livable House, is feeling safe. No one expects a medical emergency, but if it happens, Medical Guardian can help.

Medical Guardian provides the best medical emergency alert systems on the market for home and on-the-go. Their devices make sure you are covered 24/7 by alerting their medical monitoring center who can immediately send assistance.

Here's how their medical alert systems help protect you in three simple steps

1. Press an alert button or activate a fall sensor.

2. Speak with a live agent 24/7 through the device.

3. Emergency personnel is dispatched quickly.

If the Medical Guardian team is unable to make contact through your device, they will try your phone. If they cannot reach you then medical assistance is sent to be safe.

Question? Speak with an Expert. Call 1-844-394-9041

Disclosure - as an affiliate of Medical Guardian, we may be compensated, at no cost to yourself, if you contact or purchase their service.

Choose from Multiple Devices

There are many options available so if you're unsure, or have specific needs, please call to find the best option for you. Three popular choices include:

Freedom Guardian

Freedom Guardian

Two-way messaging and an integrated app make this wearable smart-watch medical alert a reliable and easy to use solution.

classic guardian

Classic Guardian

A cost-effective solution that utilizes your home's landline. It offers 1,300 ft. of range.

Home Guardian

Home Guardian

Guaranteed personal safety, in-home. No landline is required and it comes with time & temperature display, and fall detection.

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